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14.11.2019 01:25
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14.11.2019 00:14
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Joy Peter
13.11.2019 20:25
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stacy west
13.11.2019 19:53
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13.11.2019 19:33
As a Finance and Investment Company who is a Premier Provider of Trade Finance, Project Finance & Funding; We also offer discountable Bank Instruments at rates being as low as Two Percent (2%) of the required BG | SBLC | DLC | LC | Bank Drafts Face Value. We offer basically a wide range of Financial Instruments including; - Standby Letters of Credit - Bank Guarantees - Deferred / Documentary Letters of Credit - Red Clause Letters of Credit - Usance Letters of Credit - Performance Guarantees - Demand Guarantees - POF messages - Pre Advice Message - Comfort Letters - We are Ready Willing and Able (RWA) ready; and we are able to complete a transaction within 48 to 72 hours depending on the requirement of the Lessee / Buyer Side. Should you have an interest in the Lease and Sale of these, kindly inform and we will be glad to share with you our PROCEDURAL TERMS in regards to setting things in motion for an IMPENDING TRANSACTION. Upon the acceptance of your party to work with the Lessor's Terms, we would have Legal Contract in place for the transaction to be set up between the Applicant and the Beneficiary and the delivery of the Bank Instrument will be in accordance with the Verbiage (Text) chosen by the Beneficiary's Bank. Kindly contact to register your interest and receive further information via Email and/or Skype Contact : Mr.Leif Olsen Email
Arch Bishop A Felice
13.11.2019 18:23
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13.11.2019 15:45
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Abel Chadwick
13.11.2019 14:35
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13.11.2019 14:14
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zack willington
13.11.2019 13:37
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